User Experience Designer




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  • What does the targeted audience look like?

  • What features are required and are necessary?

  • How will the dashboard be used?

  • What features will the user need to use most frequently?

  • How much time can/will users spend on the dashboard?

  • Why will they visit the Dashboard?

  • If the user is not on the dashboard, how will we notify if something important comes up?



User Flows,  Sketches, Wireframes, Mockups, Interactive Prototypes


Whiteboard, Pen and Paper, Sketch App, InVision App, Principle App 



Ideate, Iterate, and Validate

After a few days of research, several meetings with the Product Owner, Business Analytics and other stakeholders, we found answers for some of our initial questions. That was a good starting point to begin sketching some ideas and brainstorm with fellow designers. Finally, I created different variations of ideas. These are some examples and the design that we have implemented.



Dashboard Chart Interaction




So what’s next ?

The Beta version of the product that this Dashboard is a part of what's currently released for our first batch of users so that we can further test it in the real environment. Insights will be used to iterate and improve the dashboard.