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A mobile app that simplifies preparation for your trip so you can be sure that you have everything covered before you leave.

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ALL SET is an extended packing mobile app that simplifies preparation for a trip and ensures that you have everything covered before you leave. It conveniently organizes all the information you will need in one place (itineraries, reminders, etc.).


Traveling is an enjoyable and mind-expanding experience, but keeping track of all the details that go into preparing for a trip can be tedious and time-consuming.


Create a user-friendly, collaborative travel/packing app that simplifies preparation for a trip with features that meet user goals currently unmet on the market place. 


UX / UI / IxD/ IA Designer


 Mobile /  Web


User Research, Competitor Analysis, Personas, CJM, User Flow, Sketches, Lo-Fi & Med-FI Wireframes,  Interaction Map, Interactive Prototype, User Testing


Whiteboard, Pen and Paper, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, InVision, Marvel



Competitor Analysis

I used this method to compare other apps in the market. The analysis helped me to see what is recently available in the market and realize what app features exist and what app features  are lacking.

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User Interviews

To discover new problems to solve and verify those ones I identified really exist, I have conducted interviews with people who travel frequently for work, vacation, and family.



I wanted to hear real-life experiences of people preparing for their travels, whether they use a traditional notebook and pencil or some digital applications, and what steps they took to solve their problems.


All interviews were conducted informally and were recorded. I worked from the survey questions and took notes during the conversations and moments after the interview ended.

Users Pain Points

- Users want to make packing less overwhelming and time-consuming.

- Fear of forgetting about something important.

- Lists on paper have limitations; users can't reuse it.

- Users would prefer all in one place (packing list, itinerary storage, to-do list) and shareable with other family members.

- Need for having reminders for every stage of trip preparation.



User Persona

Based on the research found in the discovery period of the project, I developed two personas. The Sarah and John personas helped me to build a deep empathy for the people I was designing for.


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User Flow

Setting specific user goals and questions helps to define the key tasks & explore the app's logic.

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Lo-Fi Wireframes & Interaction Map

I created the Lo-Fi wireframes using Adobe XD and transformed them into an interactive prototype using InVision. I conducted informal user testing with the several potential customers, which helped me find out what is causing users to have trouble.



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Customer Journey Map

The purpose of creating a customer journey map was to realize and represent the different touchpoints that characterize user interaction with the app as well as to describe possible scenarios and map user experience while using the prototype. Analyzing CJM helped me to uncover more defects so I could iterate the prototype design and finally determine whether it was feasible to move forward with the Hi-Fi wireframes.


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Style Guide

To make sure that every visual element I'll produce is consistent, I created a style guide. After I made several design propositions and discussed them with potential users, I chose the cleanest design proposition and created a style guide based on that idea.


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After several rounds of user testing on the lo-fi wireframes, I created the Med-Fi screens of the app using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD. I created the prototype using Marvel App.



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User testing

I conducted informal user testing with the several potential customers. Defined testing parameters, recruited users and facilitated tests.


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Recently I started to work with developers to translate information architecture, navigation, process flows and design into beautiful and easy-to-use mobile application.