User Experience Designer


A.B.A is an exhibit design company with 36 years on the market. 

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A.B.A is an exhibit design company with 36 years on the market. The company offers creative, personalized solutions backed by experience and a dedication to quality.


The site lacks the structure to represent the complexity of services the company offers.  As with other major goals, we wanted to streamline their onboarding experience and update their basic look and feel.


Create a fully responsive and modern-looking website with user-friendly navigation between website pages. Improve information architecture to bring out most valuable information for customers.



UX / UI / IA Designer




Stakeholder Interviews, Competitor Analysis, Personas, Card Sorting, Treejack Test, User Flow,  Sketches, Wireframes, Mockups, Interactive Prototype


Whiteboard, Pen and Paper, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Optimal Workshop 



Stakeholders Interview

I conducted stakeholder interviews to get information about company philosophy, needs, and goals as well as about users and project scope. The conversation led stakeholders to redefine future company goals and determine which services they wanted to communicate to future customers.



Competitive Analysis

I used this method to identify and evaluate competition in the marketplace and to evaluate how ABA website competition stacks up against usability standards and overall user experience. I prepared assessment criteria and evaluated four similar companies with similar profiles. The analysis helped me better understand the market and services that companies offer. The analysis also helped me see how other companies use their websites for self-promotion and what kind of visual language they are using to build credibility and attract audiences.

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User Persona

Based on the research found in the discovery period of the project, I developed the Elizabeth persona which helped me build a deep empathy towards the people I was designing for.



Heuristic Evaluation

While evaluating the site based on Jakob Nielsen’s Ten Usability Heuristics, I mimicked basic tasks a new user might perform. Using the Elizabeth persona, I found that although the ABA website conforms to Nielsen’s heuristics in several areas, overall the site is quite difficult to navigate when attempting basic site tasks. For each negative finding, I recommended improvements that adhere to Nielsen’s criteria for usable sites.


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Card Sorting & Sitemap

To define the new site's structure as well as proper naming - accessible for average users - I've conducted open card sorting where participants could determine categories and group items. This helped me form a site map for the new website displaying the layout of the categories on the homepage.

card sorting.png
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Tree Testing

To ensure that the site’s information architecture matches the user’s thinking I've conducted Optimal Workshop TreeJack test.



Lo-Fi Wireframes and Prototype

I created the Lo-Fi wireframes using Adobe XD and clickable prototype using Marvell App to present to stakeholders how a new structure and navigation of the website would look.



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Finally, I've made a presentation with all findings and solutions as well as Hi-Fi wireframes and samples to visually demonstrate new design solution to stakeholders.



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